Phone Number Standardization

Phone Number Standardization #

Telephone number standardization method

Method address #

POST /clean/phone

Functionality #

  • clears the incoming data from unnecessary characters to find the phone;
  • provides validation (verification) of telephone numbers;
  • formats the number to the international standard;
  • formats the number to the national standard;
  • formats the number in the E164 standard;
  • formats the number in the RFC3966 standard;
  • determines the telecom operator to which the number is assigned;
  • determines the time zone;
  • defines the type of the landline or mobile number.

Request parameters #

numberTelephone number for standardization
countryCodeCountry code for the number, in ISO 3166 format (

Sample request data #

  "query": "+79119111111",
  "countryCode": "RU"

Response options #

originalIncoming string with a number that participated in the standardization
internationalNumber in international format
nationalNational number (internal)
E164Number in E164 format
RFC3966RFC3966 number
carrierThe telephone operator who owns the number
countryCodeCountry dialing code
countryCountry code in ISO 3166 format
areaCodeRegion code
timezonesList of time zones to which the number belongs
typePhone number type mobile or landline
validThe sign of the correctness of the parsed number

Sample response data #

  "original": "+79119111111",
  "international": "+7 911 911-11-11",
  "national": "8 (911) 911-11-11",
  "E164": "+79119111111",
  "RFC3966": "tel:+7-911-911-11-11",
  "carrier": "",
  "countryCode": 7,
  "country": "RU",
  "areaCode": "",
  "timezones": [
  "geocoding": "",
  "subscriberNumber": "9119111111",
  "type": "MOBILE",
  "possible": true,
  "valid": true