Address search by KLADR in the format of the legacy API GetAddressByKladr

Address search by ID #

Method address #

GET /legacy/getAddressByKladr

Functionality #

  • Allows you to get the exact address using the address register GAR and the value KLADR of the object.

Request parameters #

kladrString with the value KLADR of the object

Sample request data #

# GET parameters

--header 'Accept: application/json' 

Response options #

c_fullnameFound address (up to the street)
c_indexFound index
c_RegionNameRegion name
c_RegionTypeRegion abbreviation
c_SubRegionNameSubregion name
c_SubRegionTypeSubregion abbreviation
c_CityNameCity name
c_CityTypeCity abbreviation
c_NPNameLocality name
c_NPTypeLocality abbreviation
c_StreetNameStreet name
c_StreetTypeStreet abbreviation
c_levelAddress level according to KLADR

Sample response data #

        "c_fullname": "г Санкт-Петербург, ул Гороховая",
        "c_index": "190031",
        "c_RegionName": "Санкт-Петербург",
        "c_RegionType": "г",
        "c_SubRegionName": "",
        "c_SubRegionType": "",
        "c_CityName": "",
        "c_CityType": "",
        "c_NPName": "",
        "c_NPType": "",
        "c_StreetName": "Гороховая",
        "c_StreetType": "ул",
        "c_level": "5"