ApiDQ #

Api Data Quality (ApiDQ) - Tools and Web services for managing the quality of address and contact data.

The technology is based on an intelligent solution based on semantic analysis, with the help of which it is possible to build enterprise-class master data management systems, in particular:

  • managing client master profiles (CDI)
  • regulatory reference information (RDM)
  • data transformation and reconciliation systems (ETL)

Tasks to be solved #

ApiDQ services can be used to solve many tasks:

  1. Data validation - formalization of rules for processing weakly structured text data, checking values, displaying errors.
  2. Data standardization - data splitting into components, cleaning, checking for correctness, error correction and bringing data to a single format.
  3. Deduplication - methods of compressing an array, eliminating duplicate copies of duplicate data, optimizing storage and data transmission systems.
  4. Mastering - structuring of large amounts of data and methods of their processing, which will allow to analyze information in a distributed manner.
  5. Enrichment - enrichment and addition of data, by obtaining information from various sources, connecting additional reference books.

ApiDQ versions #

Online services

  • refill of the balance of the Personal Account
  • standardized data structure
  • basic technical support


  • payment for subscription, maintenance and development according to requirements
  • full customization + security + privacy
  • full technical support